An August afternoon with the Sydney University Graduate Choir

For many, many years the second weekend in August has featured the Sydney University Graduate Choir’s winter concert in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney. This year we were due to perform Fauré’s Requiem along with Schubert’s Stabat Mater and of course we are disappointed to be at home, unable to join our friends in the choir, the orchestra and our audience – all fellow choral music lovers.

But all is not lost. Our wonderful Music Director, Christopher Bowen, has created a glorious ‘Best of’ compilation of the choir’s live performances for our enjoyment. So we invite you to pour yourself a suitable drink, settle down in your favourite armchair and enjoy an August afternoon with the Sydney University Graduate Choir.

Click here once you are ready

By the way, this special compilation is available for a two-week period only.

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2 Responses to An August afternoon with the Sydney University Graduate Choir

  1. Pamela Traynor says:

    Who is the wonderful SingOn Editor? Can you let me know please? I love these messages!

    Especially the bit about “pour yourself a suitable drink ….. “

    All good wishes,


  2. Terry.Litchfield says:

    What a wonderful initiative — good for keeping choristers’ interest during the pandemic, and excellent for future promotion. Over the last 20 years prior to my retirement from the Choir in 2017, I realised that I had had the pleasure of singing in 8 of the 16 concerts from which Christopher selected this compilation. In addition to the wonderful music, the accompanying artistic graphics were beautifully done and deserve high praise.

    I took the liberty of forwarding the link to a long-time friend in Chichester, England, and she responded by return mail how much she enjoyed it, and commented on the high standard of performance.

    Can we please have a few more?

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