2020 Concert Season

Our 2020 Concert Season features some of the best choral music ever written. We will take you on a musical journey through the ages and carry you away to ancient and exotic places. Expect a season of dramatic, lyrical and moving experiences, featuring landmark works such as Handel’s Esther and much loved masterpieces like Fauré’s comforting Requiem and Mendelssohn’s powerful Elijah.

Our first concert, in May, will carry you away to the ancient court of King Xerxes of Persia in Handel’s magnificent first oratorio, Esther. Follow the story of Esther, a Jewish orphan who wins the affection of the King and becomes the Queen of Persia, unmasking the treachery of Prime Minister Haman to save the Jewish people from a horrible fate. This landmark work was so successful, it marked the birth of the English oratorio and includes beautiful dramatic and lyrical movements, ending with a grandiose final chorus only Handel could have written.

In August we invite you to leave the hectic world behind and immerse yourself in the heavenly music of Fauré’s peaceful Requiem and Schubert’s gentle Stabat Mater. Fauré’s tranquil Requiem is dominated by a very human feeling of faith in eternal rest without the terrifying description of the Last Judgement. Schubert’s beautiful Stabat Mater, based on a free German translation, places Christ’s love and the promise to “inherit the joy of paradise” at the centre of the contemplation. Enjoy an uplifting and comforting afternoon.

Mendelssohn’s powerful and dramatic masterpiece about the Old Testament prophet Elijah, is the perfect finale for our 2020 concert series. Experience the drama between Elijah and Queen Jezebel, the contest between Baal and God and the vivid imagery of Elijah’s ascent to heaven in a fiery chariot. The work was an instant triumph. While strongly influenced by Bach’s and Handel’s oratorios, its lyricism and use of orchestral and choral colours reflect Mendelssohn‘s own great genius.

All of these concerts will be conducted by Music Director Christopher Bowen OAM, with a full orchestra. The first two will take place in the Great Hall at the University of Sydney, the final concert will be in Sydney Town Hall.

For full details please download your 2020 subscription brochure here. We look forward to seeing you.

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