An Australian War Requiem – meet our soloists

Our 11 November performance of An Australian War Requiem will feature five acclaimed soloists: Taryn Fiebig (Soprano), Ashlyn Tymms (Mezzo-soprano), Andrew Goodwin (Tenor), Adrian Tamburini (Bass), and Wade Kernot (Bass).

Each brings a unique perspective on the events we are commemorating, bringing to life the very human story set against a backdrop of global catastrophe.

You can find out more at our Australian War Requiem website.

An Australian War Requiem is a deeply moving expression of love, loss and courage. It premiered on August 10, 2014, to a packed Sydney Town Hall with an enthusiastic standing ovation. The performance had a profound impact on those in the audience, and also on the performers themselves.

Many Australian families had relatives that served in the Great War, and indeed many families still honour the loss of a father, grandfather or great uncle in this terrible conflict. The impacts can still be felt rippling down the years—politically, socially, or just in terms of how individual families adapted over the years to live with the loss of father, husband or brother.

Tickets for Sunday’s performance are available from Eventbrite, or at the door on the day.

We hope to see you there!

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