Noah Peres – The Interview

noah-peresWe are delighted to welcome our new accompanist Noah Peres. Not only is he a great musician but he  understands our fearless leader’s political sense of humour which makes for happy rehearsal periods. Noah is studying advanced maths at the University of Sydney so we asked him  to tell us a little about himself

Where were you born and do you come from a musical family?

I was born in Sydney and raised on the Central Coast in Forresters Beach. No one in my family that I know of has ever laid hands on a musical instrument, I guess I just had the talent from birth.  I played the piano since I was four.

What did you play and when did you discover the classics

Oh well after about a year of learning from teaching books, the first piece i really studied was Clementi’s Sonatina 1 in C major, which I performed at the Schools Showcase at Laycock St Theatre. Ever since then I have had a passion for music from the Romantic era as well as the classics of Beethoven and Bach.

Where were you educated and did you attend a Conservatorium?

I started school at Wamberal Public, then finished year 5 and 6 at Knox Grammar since i won a scholarship there. I then studied at Gosford High, graduated in 2016. As for piano, I initially had private lessons with Tibor Szakos, then Ross Hamilton, Alexey Yemtsov and finally Carl Schmidt at the Central Coast Conservatorium.

Living on the north coast do you enjoy swimming or what interests to you have?

I guess I go swimming occasionally. As for other hobbies I love maths and Science and I am a sucker for board games.

You are studying advanced maths at Sydney University –  where are you hoping this will lead you?

Yes I am, in all honesty I am hoping my passion will guide me to a career I will love.  I have no idea where I’ll end up.

 What composers do you enjoy playing and why?

My personal favourites would be those of late 19th-early 20th centuries, the work of Rachmaninoff, Ravel and Liszt. I love their piano music because of the number of forms which they employ to express their passion, beautiful lyrical melodies sometimes, other times heavy intense chords and drama. There is beauty to be found in all their music.

Are you enjoying the life at Sydney University?

Well I’ve only just graduated, but I’m eagerly awaiting beginning my Usyd adventure.

 If you were to make music your career what form would it take?

I doubt I would be a solo performer, perhaps an accompanist or part of a chamber group or orchestra. I believe collaboration allows musicians to get the most out of themselves and their instruments.

Do you play another instrument?

I have played the oboe for 3 odd years and have studied clarinet for about 9. I also dabble in guitar and like to think I’m a pretty good singer myself.

You have an unusual name. Is Noah a family name with an interesting history (or perhaps you were born in a flood)?

Haha –  very funny, never heard that one before… anyway the name Noah was just a personal choice on my parents part, though my father did come from a Catholic background. My surname Peres however comes from the mountain in Ithaca, Greece – Mt Peristeris where my ancestors grew up. Or that is what I am told anyway.

Interviewer: Dawn Plasto

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1 Response to Noah Peres – The Interview

  1. Joan Smiley says:

    Thank you Dawn. This was a great interview and I was pleased after reading it to feel I know our clever new accompanist.

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