Some feedback on our Zelenka – Vivaldi concert December 2013

stained glass window image from December 2013 concert program

Vivaldi and Zelenka – December 2013

After months of hard work in rehearsals, it’s always rewarding to receive positive feedback at the time of performance. We were very pleased to hear from two of our orchestra members after our recent concert in the University of Sydney Great Hall.

Thank you and all behind the scenes for organising everything so well – our experience of your orchestral admin, the rehearsals and the concert, the series as a whole, the larger scale fundraising, lobbying, networking etc. – the multifarious, neverending joys of ‘arts management’. For all the above ‘congratulations!’. Robert Harris

To the Grads. Thank you for all your organizing this year. Each concert has been something to be proud of. What great works! What brilliant audiences! Thank you to Christopher Bowen for his directorship. He has a real gift. See you next year and looking forward to it. Michelle Urquhart

Many thanks for the compliments! It was a terrific concert, ending a year of wonderful music. And 2014 is promising to be every bit as exciting.

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