Verdi Videos

Those readers who participated in, or were in the audience for, Sydney Sings Verdi Requiem in May might be interested in having a look at these videos of the event, also available on YouTube. We know that their creator – an old friend of the choir’s, who was authorised beforehand to make them, and to whom we are extremely grateful – would be the first to say that they don’t match the performance in terms of quality. Nevertheless we felt that they provided a souvenir of a wonderful day, and so were something we should share more widely.

It would be great one day to have a professional camera team record one of our concerts, particularly a performance featuring an extended choir. It would most likely be an expensive and time-consuming business, but also a very exciting project. We’ll see. In the meantime we hope you enjoy these.

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1 Response to Verdi Videos

  1. Plans are in progress for a professional video of our next big Town Hall concert – An Australian War Requiem, in August 2014.

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