Grads Soloists Star in Pinchgut Production

Pinchgut Opera’s December production of Cavalli’s Giasone, a Venetian opera dating from 1649, loosely based on the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, stars three young soloists, who have in recent years sung with the Choir:

– Celeste Lazarenko (soprano), soloist in Mendelssohn’s Paulus in May 2012 and in our April 2013 performance of the Verdi Requiem, is Medea;

– Andrew Goodwin (tenor), soloist in Mendelssohn’s The First Walpurgisnacht (May 2011) and Paulus, is Egeo; and

– David Hansen (counter-tenor) is Giasone (Jason). David sang in our performances of Handel’s Saul (December 2002) and Messiah (December 2003) and has since gone on to develop an international career.

John Bowan

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