Contribute to the new-look Sing On blog!

Have you looked at the blog recently? We’ve given it a bit of a facelift – leave us a comment to let us know what you think. Do you like the photo and titles? Do you need sunglasses for the new orange background? All thoughts welcome….

Also welcome would be articles to post. If you are a paid up Member of the choir (singing or otherwise) you are invited to share your reflections on the Grads choir and choral music in general. What is your favourite choral recording? Have you attended a particularly memorable choral concert? Is there a future for choral music? Anything that will entertain or educate our readers would be most welcome. You can send your article to me on or talk to my fellow editor, alto Rosalie O’Neale at rehearsals.

You might also like to provide input to another small blog project. We’re thinking about adding a new page to the blog containing links to other blogs and web sites that might be of wider interest. These will include links to other choirs with whom we have publicity ‘swaps’; links to other musical organisations and resources; links to writers and bloggers on musical subjects; and also links to sites of other interest to our members. This last is to reflect the fact that we’re a community whose interests intersect on choral singing, but also radiate out in all sorts of other directions, some of which might be of interest to our colleagues. So we’re looking out for members with small businesses; people who work for voluntary organisations; or perhaps just write blogs on quite unrelated aspects of their lives. Sharing your links could make you new friends, get the admiration and interest of many, or even the occasional new client. Let’s try it out and see how it goes! Links by email to me please, at the above email address.

Thank you, happy August, and don’t forget – just 18 days to the St John Passion – click here for the details.

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