Marilyn responds

A response is required to the item posted recently with my name in the title. I can’t recognise the person described in that item, but must thank those responsible for its appearance; my son suggests that I try using that as a reference to get my next job!

But seriously, I would like to say that the generosity expressed in that piece is exactly what makes working with those people I have over the last few years, such a pleasure and a reward in itself. Of course, I am referring especially to our President, Evelyne, whose inclusive approach to leadership make for a great team. The willingness of so many who have gone before me to offer suggestions and advice has been crucial in keeping our choir vibrant and active. I hope I may follow the example of my predecessors in continuing to offer help whenever it might be relevant.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make our Choir flourish; I hope you derive as much satisfaction and pleasure as I do from being part of this stimulating organisation.

Marilyn Gosling

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