Magic Moments

The creative lighting used for Opera Australia’s production of La Traviata on the harbour contributed greatly towards its magical success. The stage, which was the size of two tennis courts, was enveloped in a silver and blue like mist which was enhanced by a real half silver moon on the evening we were there. The much talked about chandelier sparkled as it changed colours turning from white to pale green and pink.  Fireworks at the end of the party in the first act were fun and some drama was created at Violetta’s death with one short blast of fireworks followed by complete darkness.

It is understood that many unexpected problems (as well as the weather) presented themselves while mounting the production however thanks to the help and wonderful spirit in the company these were soon solved. The audience certainly showed their approval during the many curtain calls when the orchestra (which had been well hidden below) joined the cast, crew and even dozens of workers wearing their orange jackets

Singing one of the minor roles was our Elijah and Song of the Fleet bass Richard ”Mitch” Mitchell who was also one of two drag queens who mingled  with the audience in the interval, handing out fans which were invitations to “Flora’s”  party in the second act.

Dawn Plasto

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