Joan Carden Award 2012

The Joan Carden Award for 2012 has been won by mezzo soprano Agnes Sarkis. The judges also singled out soprano Amy Corkery, and mezzo soprano Anna Dowsley, for encouragement. The photos below, including the judging panel (great soprano Joan Carden AO OBE, the Choir’s Music Director, Christopher Bowen OAM, and senior staff of the Conservatorium), were taken by our President, Evelyne DeClercq.

You can find a full report of the Awards at the University Web Site here.

The Contestants

Judges Christopher Bowen OAM and Joan Carden OA OBE at work

The winner - Agnes Sarkis!

Joan Carden congratulates Agnes

Joan Carden with Agnes and runners up Amy Corkery and Anna Dowsley

Amy, Agnes and Anna

The judges, winner and runners up

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