Letter from Rachael Woods

Hi Everyone at Choir,

I would like to share the wonderful opportunities that I have to go to Perth and then Uganda.

I see it as almost a fluke in a way. Well, not really, but I have a dear friend who is an accomplished jazz singer in Melbourne. She has been a great friend and has literally put my name down for both the projects.

The two projects being the Aboriginal Opera “Pecan Summer”, written by Deborah Cheetham, is to be performed in Perth in early September and then travelling from Sydney to Uganda in late September, early October.

I hope that “Pecan Summer” will tour Sydney so everyone can see it. I have shared about it before, but will just “recap” for those who haven’t heard about it. It is a story about an Aboriginal girl called Alice who is part of the Stolen Generation in the late 1930’s. She is taken and brought up by whites. But she never forgets her mother who tries to reclaim her at one stage during the opera. The opera goes from the 1930’s to present day and one sees “old Alice” at the Sorry day events of 2008.

I won’t tell you all of the story, but it is a tremendously moving one.

Uganda is a totally different adventure. Jonathon Welch, conductor and choir director in Melbourne, (who is in “Pecan Summer” as well), is taking 40 singers to Uganda to perform and work on several volunteer projects. We (Kwaya group) will also be setting up a African Children’s Choir. All very exciting.

Anyway, those wanting to know more about Kwaya, please Google the word and the website will come up and it has all the information. Personally, I will find that this trip overseas will be a rewarding one, but also a challenging one. It will be a growth experience to be immersed in another culture. I look forward to sharing all the news with you all when I get back. I hope that this year is full of wonderful music-making for you all. For those who have already donated to Kwaya, thank you so very much.

Rachael Woods

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